Leap of Faith

Family to Family Support

About Us

Leap of Faith Family to Family Support, is a California 501 c(3) that began in September 2019. It was formed in 2002 when I was gifted with being a mother to an amazing little baby girl, Faith. Faith could not breathe on her own for eleven minutes after birth. As a result of Faith’s traumatic birth, she has Developmental Disabilities.  As the Mother of a child with Developmental Disabilities and Foster Parent, I have been at the forefront of experiencing not only isolation, but also neglect from systems of care and frequent disparity. This experience inspired me to work with and for many other special needs parents and caregivers are and or were under-resourced. So, I founded Leap of Faith Family to Family Support to build community-capacity, develop parent-to-parent support, and create a culture of wellness, self-care, and outspoken advocacy. We have created an extraordinary bond with families by understanding not only our children’s specific needs, but also our remarkable parents and their needs.

Our Offerings

Our Vision is to bring about self determination, connection, change and access to services and supports in the lives of special needs clients, families, and underrepresented families and individuals through, that are frequently affected by disparity.


Our Mission is the first priority of Leap of Faith Family to Family Support to bring a reassuring presence to families and organizations alike. A parent-led community-based organization that advocates for and protects the rights and entitlements for all individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, Leap of Faith promotes fairness, equity, elimination of disparity for minority families in California, advocating for policy change. We host fun social events for parents of children with Developmental Disabilities to ward off the isolation and daily challenges we may face.

Leap of Faith offers Family to Family support impacted by ethnic disparities, inequalities, and special health needs in nagativing California’s Systems of Care

In a world that can be challenging, we strive to offer hope in supporting families to thrive in an inclusive community through interpersonal relationships, fun and inclusive activities, and compassionate service.

  • Walk with Me
  • Support Group
  • Education and Training

Walk With Me

Walk with Me serves a platform focusing on health, mental, and physical wellness by creating safe and open environment and providing inclusive outdoors activities

Support Group

In person with guided conversations on self care for caregivers

Education and Training

Technical assistance and support in navigating systems through providing resources and referrals for parents, workshops and self-advocacy to address their child’s educational and Regional Center issues via telephone, email, teleconferencing, and in-person meetings.

Get In Touch

If you have some inquiries, Don’t hesitate to contact us.

PO BOX 91031 PASADENA, CA 91109